Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fruit Trees

I am having a theoretical issue with paying to water trees that don't produce anything.

Don't get me wrong - I love my trees. In fact, when we first moved in to the house we spent a lot of money on planting trees and trying to provide shade to the backyard. Now these trees have matured and for the first year ever, my Ash tree is actually shading the play structure for the boys...and part of my vegtable garden.

However, the Ash is infested with whiteflys. I have tried many things trying to get rid of them over the past few years with nothing working. Finally this past year, I actually purchased and used a chemical pesticide which still didn't work. We drastically pruned the tree this winter to help, but I have already seen a few fluffy things flying around the yard...

I'm considering taking down the tree. This is a hard decision for me because I have waited for 6 years to get good shade and the boys now have a shaded playstructure (which they honestly don't use that much anymore). But if I take it down, I can replace it with to least 2 fruit trees. For some reason planting fruit trees seems like a huge comitment. It means that I will be in this house for a while...maybe I have other issues...

Any suggestions for small fruit trees?

These are my ideas, please vote and if you have any other suggestions - let me know!


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Darrin F. said...

I'm a citrus guy so there's my vote.