Monday, September 21, 2009


My youngest son wanted to take yogurt to school for a snack. I still buy the small cups of yogurt for the kids to take to school, especially since Ryan's favorite does not come in a big container. However, the funny part of this story is that when I was putting his yogurt and spoon in his backpack, my little one looks up and says,"I'll have to bring it home."
A little confused, I looked at him and said, "bring what home honey?" (I was thinking the spoon, but he is already really good at bringing the bags and silverware back.)
"My yogurt."
"Umm, if you are just going to bring it home, then why do you want to take it for a snack?"
"Well, they don't have a recycling can for me to put it into."
Oh, I get it now - my brainwashing has worked...No wonder I was confused!

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