Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skate Park

The city recently built a skate park by our house. The boys wanted to go check it out the other day, so I naively thought, "Sure. Let's ride our bikes over and leave the skate boards at home until we know what we are dealing with." In other words, mommy is not ready for this. And I don't want to go to the hospital today.
Turns out it is for bikes and skate boards. All at the same time. Adults. Teenagers. Kids. Chaos.

My little one, who is barely six and just lost his first tooth (I want the rest to come out of their own accord) decides to take one of the bigger ramps on. (He is also on a bike that is slightly too large for him...)

Yes, that is a bandanna across his face...well, actually it's a napkin...

He's almost up...

...not enough speed...I stayed and watched from the sidelines, but a very nice teenager was immediately their and helped him get his bike out.

Boys make moms nervous. It's their job. And they are good at it. Unfortunately, my job is to let them.
and that's why they wear helmets!

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