Sunday, October 5, 2008

Church and State

I left church early this morning. For some reason, my church, and I'm sure many others, are big on the political bandwagon these days. I'm not a big political person. In fact, I usually leave the room when people start debating politics, just because it so rife with emotion and judgement. However, this morning after a wonderful time of worship a guest speaker came to tell us why we had to save marriage through our government and it was our Biblical mandate to do so!!! I left.

Not that I am opposed to marriage, it's just that where did Christians get the idea that we need to be told how to vote, what to vote for and what to believe. When did Christian equal politics? I don't remember Jesus ever boycotting anything, having political rallies or in general have anything to do with the political system. In fact, wasn't that one of the top reasons he was crucified - he didn't save the Israelites from the Roman political powers?

Jesus healed the sick, the poor, the disenfranchised. He did not try to change the powers that be. And in fact, he called us to be a counter culture. So why are we so surprised when politics don't go "the Christian" way? And why do we try so hard to make them? Is this what we think is the Kingdom of God - a Christian political power in Washington? Or maybe could it be giving to the poor, helping out on more than just holidays, and treating every person we meet with kindness, humility and respect.

Donald Miller asked the question in his book, Blue Like Jazz - would Jesus be outside an abortion clinic protesting or inside comforting and healing the woman who just had an abortion? I feel that when we Christianize politics - we are hurting those that Christ came to comfort and heal. Which is more important?

Okay, so I am off my soapbox now, really! It just pains me to hear politics from the pulpit. On other news, I am so excited that we are having our week of fall here in the Central Valley!!! We seem to get a week of fall and if we're lucky a week of spring. It is either HOT (last week was 97-99) and then goes to cold and foggy and of course back again.) It makes me so happy not walk outside and feel a slight chill in the air! And my Big Black Chicken is still mad at me. After moving her back into the coop she is refusing to lay an egg.


CalifMTBguy said...

Hey. You're cute. I couldn't help but notice in your profile that you're single. Guess that makes two of us. Can I get your number? :)

Amy said...

Well sweetie, I think you had better just give in to it--you have become Anabaptist. You fought it, you didn't think it would seep in, but it has! :)

Jenn said...

Although, I might legally be single, please refer to "very supportive boyfriend" statement... :)