Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I've already mentioned that re-using and recycling things takes more effort and work. Is it worth it? I have wanted a greenhouse for many years, in fact, probably since I was 15 years old. But, why spend the money? Because a really good greenhouse is an investment - a serious investment.

Yet, the dream remained. I have spent many nights laying awake thinking about how I could fashion one out of recycled things. But, no recycled things have shown up - until now.

On my way to work on Monday, I spotted a huge pile of trash outside a house - and there was an old french door laying right on top! I was so excited! As Darrin works right around the corner, I called him and asked him to bring his truck around before someone else snapped them up. Very dubiously he agreed and even more exciting for me was there were four doors! Some of the panes were broken, but that is easily (and cheaply fixed). I spent the rest of day, dreaming about how I could assemble my new creation...Darrin, on the other hand spent the rest of day wondering what he was doing with such a nut with a ton of projects constantly going on.

My plan is an 8' x 8' structure with the doors horizontal for the top half of the walls and shingles for the bottom half. Sounds great, but where am I going to get the rest of the materials? When I dropped my niece off at her apartment complex today, I noticed that they are re-doing all of the roofs. And guess what - they are taking down and throwing away cedar shingles. A little dumpster diving and I will have almost all the materials I need to build my little dream greenhouse!

Here are a few pictures just for inspiration:

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