Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Cluas

I thought the idea of Santa Claus was a good one. I was raised with Santa and thought it would be good for my boys to have Santa too. But, since they spend quite a bit of time at Christmas with their father and his family, Santa comes about four different times each year in about 4 different locations. Explaining his existence and his ability to continually give gifts was easy with a quick - he's magic.
Not so easy anymore.
And, I'm starting to feel really guilty, because now they want these in depth explanations that really require lying. I don't want to do that. Because then what else will they start to question about what I have told them? I don't think I thought this through very well!
Some of the questions from this week:
"Is Santa alive?"
"When was he born?"
""But if St. Nicholas died, then did Santa come back to life like Jesus did?"
"Why does Santa come, when we are celebrating Jesus' birthday?"
Really, I just have lots of very lame answers...

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