Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Story of the Week

Max wanted to wrap his gift to his teacher. Not really having a box, not to mention we were giving her several handmade things such as a necklace, soap and strawberry jam - I decided that a gift bag would be better. I got Max to agree to the bag and after loading it with everything, I handed it over to him.
"Mommy, where's the stuff?" His hand waving over the top of the bag.
"All the stuff is in it, honey"
"No, mommy. The stuff!"
"You mean, tissue paper?"
"Yes, the stuff!"
"Well, we don't really need it."
"Are you a maniac?! The whole point of wrapping a present mommy, is so you can't see inside it!"
I was schooled by a 5 year old...

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