Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day for many reasons...In reality I have been having a lot of bad days lately, but after seveal in row things start to take on gigantic proportions. So after a long day, I am getting ready to take the boys to their dad's for the weekend, I realize that the boys have locked my keys in the car. Not that big a deal really. Just get my extra set...oh wait. Those are in the glovebox after Darrin's kids accidently locked the car with it running...I don't have AAA. I can't afford a locksmith. The dealership can make me a key for $3 that will only open the door. Great!!! That's all I need since I can see my keys...All they need is proof of valid registration. Wait, by law that is IN my car.
"Well, then ma'am, we can't help you."
"How am I suppossed to show you my registration if it is locked in my car, because BY LAW it has it be in there?"
"I don't know."
"Can I talk to your manager?"
"He's left for the night." Of course he has!
"Can I bring in my registration paperwork and proof of insurance?"
"No, it has to be a valid registration."
So, I call the other Honda dealership in town. I get a very nice man who actually understands the absurdity of the situation. He will work with me. I can bring in my registration paperwork, my proof of insurance and my drivers liscense...which is in my car. Okay, how about my passport? That'll work! Except my mom boxed up everything in my office when my sister and her family moved in a couple of weeks ago...and I have no idea where my current passport is...
"Will you be there in the morning?"
"No, but somebody will help you."
I sat on the kitchen floor and cried. Because it is just too much...and the odds of getting someone in the parts department who will understand and be willing to help me tomorrow are not that great.
So, tomorrow morning I am going to borrow my sister's car, drive to the dealership accross town with my registration paperwork, my insurance information, my old passport with my maiden name and a copy of my marriage certificate - because I know where those things are and I really can't afford a locksmith!
Because I am graduating in two weeks, I have to have all of my final papers and work in by Monday. This weekend the boys were supposed to be at their dad's...perfect for me! I can lock myself in my bedroom and type away. When I called him to see if he could pick them up instead of me dropping them off:
"Oh, didn't I tell you that I will be out of town this weekend for a marathon?"
"I'm sorry, I thought we talked about it already."
I plan my life very differently when I am alone. I don't cook. I was planning on having a brownie and a glass of milk for dinner and finish making my edits to my thesis...growing boys need dinner, and a bath, and attention from mommy that I absolutely love to give - it just doesn't get my homework done!
Oh, I also have a job interview tomorrow!!!

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