Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Andi

Today is my wonderfully sweet, beautiful and talented friend's birthday. She is such an amazing woman!

Here she is with her equally sweet sister-in-love helping to pack up a friends home.

I have already said that Andi is sweet and wonderful, but she is the one I call when I need a quick smile. She is also the one I call when I find out about an amazing garage sale, estate sale or rummage event. The only problem with Andi, is we have the same taste...which can create issues about who saw it first!

Last week, I found a new thrift store and found some absolutely fabulous things to bring home (not that my home needs any new things in it). One of the items was this cake stand/candy dish?

On the way home, I remembered that Target had some very small succulents for sale in the garden department and wouldn't this dish look fabulous filled with succulents? Needless to say, the car veered into the Target parking lot and the succulents left Target and immediately were nestled into their new home.

The entire time I was creating this dish, I kept thinking of my friend Andi and how much she would love this. The next morning I discovered that her birthday was coming up in three days....

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