Sunday, February 14, 2010

School Valentines

I don't like Valentines Day. There are many reasons why it just seems like an overpriced media hype in a culture where we are really don't need to spend even more money on things we really don't need. Besides, it tends to set couple up for failure. All of this expectation, but really shouldn't we treating each other nice every month or even week?

This brings me to school Valentines. Every year it sort of sneaks up on me. I know it's coming. But, I end up at the drug store on the corner, early before school starts, and signing stupid cards that the kids will just be throwing away as soon as they get home in an effort to get whatever candy they can find, as I'm trying to drop the kids off at school.

And every year, I tell myself I will do something fun and cool for the kids for Valentines...hasn't happened yet. Mainly because I don't think the kids would appreciate it. Not my kids, they love it when I do things, but the other kids in their classes just don't get it...Which brings up a good point - do I only do nice things for people who will appreciate it, or do I do nice things for everyone?
By the way, this is what I wanted to do: hot chocolate on a stick...still going to try it out, but probably just for family and friends. It looks so amazing! And if you are looking for some gifts to give, she has an awesome blog all about gift giving...

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