Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ryan's Birthday

Ryan turned eight last week!

Ryan opening Rock Hero...which turned out to be broken and we had to take it back to Walmart and had the absolutely worst experience with customer service ever!!! To the point that I will never shop at Walmart agian if I can help it. It took us over 2 hours in the store and even then they wanted us to go back to the same store we got it from accross town. They didn't seem to understand that the other store didn't have any more and that's why we are at this store...Walmart gives me panic attacks...Sorry for the rant!

After we got home with a non-broken Rock Hero and we figured out how to use to use it - that's when the fun began!!!

The next day, we went bowling for his party. It was a blast! Definitely a must do again!

Grandma helping Max.

And here is Shelly and their little sister.

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