Monday, June 1, 2009

Before and After

I love to go garage saling. I realize as I type this, that "saling" is not actually a word, but that is what we call it in my family. I have also realized that many people do not enjoy this practice of rummaging through other people's stuff. However, I really enjoy taking things and turning them into something else or even just the bargain hunting and bragging rights afterwards! Ok, we have discussed before the fact that I am a little crazy...

I found this desk last weekend. The lighting in the picture makes it look MUCH better than it did in person - it is a really ugly and not well taken care of laminate. Since my office has been turned into a bedroom for my mom, I decided I needed a place for my stuff. Someplace other than my bed where I can put my computer... I also decided it would make a good bed side table for my room. It is a little larger than I would ideally like to have beside my bed, but I love it!

I found some beautiful glass knobs from Anthropologie and (woohoo!) half of them were on clearance. I even painted the insides of the drawers.

Now I just need to find a really cute chair to go with it!

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