Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I planted my onions back in December along with my garlic. Instead of ordering onion sets from a catalog, I planted the sets my local nursery had stocked - red and yellow onions. They came up beautifully and are one of the prettiest parts of my garden. However, they are not forming bulbs.

I have no idea whether I planted long or short day onions. I do know that long day onions are not a good idea for my zone 8 garden, but they were not marked. So, I may have planted a huge amount of green onions! Which wouldn't do me any good since I hate green onions and really only use onions for cooking. In order for me to eat them they must be completely cooked to the point of disappearing in the food...I know that I am weird. I have all kinds of crazy going on in my head most of the time!

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