Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden Update

I'm having mixed success with my garden this year. My onions and garlic look awesome, but the onions aren't producing bulbs.
My potatoes are growing like gangbusters, but I think they have early blight. Anybody know if this is why some of them look terrible?

I have replanted my zucchini, squash and cucumbers three times now and am considering one more try. Not sure exactly what is going on. My absolutely best looking plant is a volunteer tomato plant. Three years ago, I planted a yellow pear tomato. It has reliably seeded itself every year since and is always my most prolific producer.

The rest of my tomatoes I started from seed indoors at the end of January and diligently took care of them every day - took them outside to visit the sun, brought them in at night. None of them compare to my volunteer which started to grow at the same time I planted out my other tomatoes...gardening can be a maddening process!
I do have a few tomatoes though!

I had two peas that germinated from seed. I cheated and bought seedlings at a sale a few weeks ago. I'm considering planting more seeds and just see what happens. The beets, spinach and radishes didn't germinate at all! They were all in the same barrel, so I'm thinking foul play - probably the cat. She likes to sleep in pots! My carrots sort of came up, so they are going to get a re-seeding as well.

The lettuce is done, it just gets way too hot here. I am already excited to see whether reports in the 90s, because it means it wont get that hot!

The peppers are starting to look good and my tomato plants are growing, just no tomatoes yet. I am trying to finish making my tomato cages so they can have some support.

The melons didn't like the sudden heat and neither did the strawberries. Everything probably would have been fine except I didn't have the drip system up and running smoothly yet. So the strawberries are toast and the melons just keeled over. And I don't think the chickens helped out either!
My lemon tree doesn't seem to be doing so well. I have all these tiny little lemons that are already turning yellow and falling off. I'm hoping that some of them decide to stay on the tree and actually turn into lemons.

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