Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodbye Pre-School

My kids have been attending their pre-school for five years. So that is five years with the same teacher for me. The same person taking care of my kids when I couldn't. I love this woman! She knows everything about my life and my kid's lives. Although I didn't want my kids in pre-school (in fact I would home school them if I could), she has been absolutely wonderful.

Since Ryan has been in "regular" school for two years now, I have come to realize how special their pre-school really is. The elementary teachers in our school district do their jobs well; we live in one of the best school districts in the state. But our school district is incredibly competitive and they teach for the testing. I wont get started on my rant of why I absolutely hate our school district but I will really miss Ms. Leslie.

What kind of a gift do you get someone who has taken care of the most precious beings in your life for 5 years? And how do I not cry and get all weepy because my baby is going into kindergarten?

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